Marquee Vega & Co. is a selvage denim based Brand with a strong focus on quality and construction using the most rare denim fabrics from around the world.  The prestigious mills, from which we import all our fabric are committed to producing only the best denim. Vega & Company showcases a heavywieght 18oz selvage fabric built to last a lifetime.  Throughout each step in jean production, the mills/wash houses use a combination of old school and modern methods and practices.  So much culture and quality is poured into the denim so that it can be appreciated by the denim enthusiast.


    Marquee Vega & Co. Creative Director, former lead designer for Schott NYC, has vast experience in mens outerwear and sportswear that translates into an authentic brand based around selvage denim.  While helping Schott break sales records of ten years with his new and more edgy approach to outerwear, the designer also developed a passion for denim production.  With a focus on quality and a youthful graphic approach to design, featuring selvage denim trucker hats and outerwear with fur and selvage denim, Marquee Vega is a true "fresh" brand in the Market.